Yvette Betancourt - Asst. Ship Life Editor


If Shippensburg students could go back and ‘do it again’

“Do not date that guy you will meet this day.” “Don’t buy that dress.” “Study harder.” These are just a few responses I received when I asked 30 random people what advice would they give themselves if they could go back in time. “If I knew relationships weren’t supposed to be this way I would have gotten out sooner and saved myself a lot of heartache,” the woman said. After gathering my responses on campus, I decided to broaden my horizons.

Cumberland Valley Hitmen ready to begin second season

The Cumberland Valley Hitmen are ready to shock football fans with new and improved team focus and goals. The Hitmen are a non-profit, semi-professional football team officially recognized by the Great Eastern Football Association.

Being black in America, how far have we come?

Since 2012, events involving the murder of unarmed African-Americans have resulted in the creation of “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), a national organization fighting for the end of mistreatment of African-American citizens in the United States. “Race still shapes the lives that we lead as Americans, the opportunities that we receive, the surveillance that we experience, the challenges that we encounter,” Corrine Bertram, Shippensburg University associate professor of the psychology department said.