Tyler Michael Law - Staff Writer


Letter to the editor: “Revolution is Common Sense: A Letter to Troy S. Okum”

Dear editor, This past week you wrote of the possible necessity for destructive or societally invasive action in a revolutionary age in your column, which was aptly headlined: “Fight for equality pushes limits of legality.” I make no qualms with this conjecture; rather, destructive and societally invasive behavior is vital to the advancement of views expressed by the relatively voiceless.


America, Where you can stumble out of a frat house and buy a burrito Where sick f***s from the bar next door vomit on my car And my neighbor leaves her prescriptions lying on the porch Where the television constantly plays ads for political candidates Campaigning 365 days per year As if any of them are going to actually try and fix anything America, Where you can go to a superstore and buy a gun Without a background check or an ID But I have to spend eight hours on the phone To see a f***ing therapist America, Where racists and creationists run for political office And we sit with our thumbs up our a**es Staring blankly at their ugly faces Sipping oil from a mug made out of a penguin In the land where JFK and MLK were shot for spreading peace The men who spread hate are given a free pass America, Where we b**** and moan about education And how the kids in China have better scores But if we lift a finger to help the schools Someone screams about their taxes And their 30 god**** cents from their paycheck To help someone else Then when you ask them if gays can marry They say “god would be angry” So America, F*** you and your patriotism Your insane political parties Your excessive personality And your lack of responsibility Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen