Troy S. Okum - News Editor


Commentary: Trump outlines future cabinet

Hillary Clinton’s loss sparked protests and outrage in cities across the country, but the people’s disappointment does not stop with Donald Trump winning the White House

Trump wins presidency, Clinton wins popular vote

Political outsider Donald Trump (R) won the presidential election last night, giving a victory speech at 3 a.m., and thanking rival Hillary Clinton (D) for calling him and conceding the contest.

Election remains unpredictable

Fliers on the doorstep and envelopes in the mailbox — Shippensburg saw its share of “get out the vote” literature, reminding people to vote and which polling station they can go to cast their ballot.

Students to celebrate democracy

Shippensburg University students took a class project and turned it into a day of jubilation in an effort to get their peers to the voting booth on Election Day.

The Slate to hold debate

Political debates are usually televised slugfests — game shows with no winners — and the 2016 presidential election cycle has been no different.

Shippensburg holds annual parade

Thousands of Shippensburg area residents went to King Street on Friday to view the annual Halloween parade despite cold winds and light rain.