Missy Langdon - Opinion Editor


Giving back during the holidays

As the holiday season approaches, it is normal to create a list of gifts you would like to receive, or of things you need, to give to your loved ones.

The hatred needs to come to an end

As possibly the most heated election in our memory of history has come to a close, some are left jumping for joy and others are left with heavy hearts.

Digital world harming reality

As technology advances, it seems as though people lose touch with reality more and more. Walking around campus, you will not see a single person without a phone in his or her hand or looking down at some sort of device.

Importance of voting

As we are rapidly nearing the election, it is more important now than ever to be informed about the decision you plan on making. Some seem to go into the polls, thinking it is no big deal and they can just vote for whatever name sounds good to them. But what people do not understand, especially this election year, our country is going to change immensely.

Do’s and Don’ts of college

Missy says... Do Stay active and keep yourself healthy It’s easy to lose motivation for working out and staying in shape when you come into college, but it’s more important now than ever to push yourself a little bit extra.

Do’s and Don’ts of college

Missy says... Do Stay focused on what matters It is super easy to get caught up in partying, drinking and staying up late when you get to college.