Matthew Smith - Staff Writer


Christmas movies inspire holiday spirit

It is that time of year – there are sales at all of your favorite stores and decorations are going up the minute the clock strikes 12 the day after Thanksgiving.

NFL officiating going downhill

With the NFL season well underway, Americans everywhere are filled with elation every Monday, Thursday and Sunday at the sight of one helmet hitting another.

SU students attend first-ever block party

There was no shortage of music and pizza Friday and Saturday night, and that is quite literal. The opening of Big Richard’s Pizza Shop was the cherry on top of the sundae for Shippensburg University students.

Seniors fear effects of strike

The strike has finally ended, but before a tentative agreement was reached, seniors at Shippensburg University wondered how the strike would affect their future.

4 Venues To See Your Favorite Artists

4 Venues To See Your Favorite Artists By: Matthew Smith Whether you just like a casual night out, or you are going to see your favorite band, there are always options that will make the experience enjoyable.