Justin Lee - Staff Writer


‘Doctor Strange’ proves Marvel cinematic universe is here to stay

SPOILER ALERT “Doctor Strange” can be summed up as a risk. The character, mostly unknown to movie-going audiences, forced Marvel Studios to find the correct balance between familiarity and originality. With 14 films in the Marvel series, the demand for imagination was at its highest, but the risk paid off.

McFarland USA: An inspiring tale for teenagers

Ever hear of McFarland, California? Probably not. If it were not for cross country coach Jim White, played exceptionally well by Kevin Costner, McFarland would have been one of those forgotten, small American towns.

‘Empire,’ the breakout show everyone is talking about

Chops, beats, parallels, murder. That is what you will get with Fox’s new hit, “Empire.” In order to avoid spoilers, I will only be reviewing the pilot (first episode). To start, the Lyon family owns Empire Enterprise, a mega-profit record company in charge of producing rap and R&B artists.

“50 Shades of Grey” disappoints

I am not against any genre of film, so long as it is not stupid. A film can be any setting and premise if the characters are interesting and act like human beings.