Catherine Amoriello - Staff Writer


Book Review: ‘Before I Fall’

Lauren Oliver explores our wistful desire to go back in time and fi x our mistakes in her novel, “Before I Fall,” which was voted Best Young Adult Fiction by the Goodreads Choice Awards.

Gillian Flynn has another hit with “Dark Places”

Gillian Flynn, author of “Gone Girl,” has managed to write yet another intriguing novel. “Dark Places” chronicles the life of Libby Day, the sole survivor of a massacre in her own home, which claimed the lives of her mother and two sisters.

“Saint Odd” wraps up an intense Koontz series

If you are an Odd Thomas fanatic, like me, then you were both excited and saddened by the release of Dean Koontz’s final installment in the Odd Thomas series, “Saint Odd.” The novel promises a conclusion to the 12-year-long series that I have been reading, religiously, as each book has been released. “Saint Odd” picks up where the story left off in the previous novel, “Deeply Odd,” with Thomas returning to his hometown, Pico Mundo.

Matthew Ruth takes on 88.7 WSYC

If you happened to turn on WSYC radio this past Sunday, between 4 and 6 p.m., you may have heard the soulful voice of Matthew Ruth.

“The Pact” reveals how wrong romance can go

Jodi Picoult delivers another heart wrenching story in “The Pact.” Picoult tells the story of two young teenagers, Chris and Emily, who were raised at a young age to believe that they would be together, forever.