11/10/2021, 5:07pm

The Slate Speaks: Climate Responsibility

“The earth is burning.” “It’s the end of the world.” “We’re destroying the planet.” “What’s the point? There won’t be an earth left for our kids anyway.”  You’ve likely heard these statements, the laments of an out-of-control climate crisis.

11/9/2021, 12:00pm

Mavis Anderson: protect our mother

Even if you don’t know Mavis Anderson, you may recognize her by her eccentric dress and loud voice on topics of the environment and equality. As a freshman sustainability major with a focus on environmental conservation, she can be seen around campus raising environmental awareness and advocating on behalf of The Green League student organization.

11/9/2021, 12:00pm

Field hockey wins PSAC Championship

The Shippensburg University field hockey team captured the 2021 Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) Championship on Sunday defeating West Chester University 3-1.

11/2/2021, 12:00pm

State police investigate assaults near campus

  The Shippensburg University Police Department sent out a safety bulletin to students on Saturday, Oct. 30, at 1:30 p.m. informing them that there have been two separate off-campus assaults recently.  The bulletin stated the assaults were late at night and “on each occurrence the motive was robbery.” No details or information about the exact locations, victims or alleged attackers were included in the email.