5/13/2021, 4:34pm

5 pieces of advice for graduating seniors

With graduation quickly approaching, the thought of joining the adult world can be scary for graduating seniors. Whether they are going straight into a full time job, taking a gap year, completing an internship or unsure of what they want to be doing yet, graduation can come with some stress along with an immense amount of joy. 

5/13/2021, 4:21pm

4 ways to keep in touch with college friends this summer

Making friends, finding roommates and growing connections with other students is a major part of your four-year stay at any university. All the great memories and laughs you have with your new friends comes to a close each year as the semester ends and everyone parts ways for the summer.

5/11/2021, 12:00pm

6 country songs to add to any summer playlist

Summertime is the most important season of the year for country music. The right songs on your playlist can make your summer that much better. Whether you are a country music connoisseur or not, these songs bring out the best vibe in almost everyone who is taking in the hot summer sun.