1/25/2022, 12:00pm

APB hosts SU’s own ‘Family Feud’

The Activities Programming Board hosted a “Family Feud” event on Friday, Jan. 21, in the Ceddia Union Building. The event began at 9 p.m.; however, the APB event staff spent far more time beforehand preparing the event.

1/25/2022, 12:00pm

In Memoriam: Annie Goerl

Shippensburg University is mourning the loss of former volleyball player Annie Goerl ’17. SU extends their condolences to her family and friends.

12/10/2021, 5:08pm

Lavender Graduation celebrates LGBTQ+ student success

 On Dec. 9 the Pride Center held Lavender Graduation to celebrate LGBTQ+ graduates and their accomplishments. The Shippensburg University graduates were joined by friends and faculty as well as their given or chosen families in the Ceddia Union Building. 

11/23/2021, 12:00pm

Your World Today Commentary: Knowledge is power in sex education

“The Talk” — it’s the most infamous part of puberty. The dreaded sit down with a parent or teacher for some of us and for others it’s a book about the body placed in our room. Sex education is often awkward for the one teaching it and the one learning. If you for some reason can’t be the one to teach your kids about sex education and their bodies, please make sure someone does. Without the proper education the sexual health and safety of children, teenagers and young adults can be at risk. 

11/23/2021, 12:00pm

Shippensburg University Democratic Socialist Chapter statement on Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

On Friday, Nov. 19, the court system handed a victory to right-wing vigilantism and continued a tradition of white supremacists being protected by the law. To be clear, Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer who deliberately inserted himself into a dangerous situation where he did not belong, causing the tragic deaths of two people. We live in a time when Amaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and countless others have gone without justice. History will look back at this decision as yet another chapter in the shameful story of racial discrimination in our country. 

11/23/2021, 12:00pm

Add a new contact; meet SU’s first family

Students and faculty have had to adapt to many different personalities in Shippensburg University’s administration over the years. This year Charles and Colleen Patterson have transitioned into the roles of interim president and first lady of Shippensburg University. 

11/23/2021, 12:00pm

Long wait times at campus dining frustrate students

At the beginning of the 2021 fall semester at Shippensburg University, the campus opened several new dining options. A few of those places include Freshens in Kriner Hall, The Sub Shop and Chick-fil-a, both of which are in CUB.