Action Bronson opens up his single, “The Symbol,” off his mix tape collaboration with The Alchemist, “Rare Chandeliers,” with the bold, yet true, statement that crowned him a vet in the hip-hop game after just one year.

Technically more of a sophomore, Bronson continues where he left off on his 2011 classic, “Blue Chips,” on “Rare Chandeliers.”

After listening to both, one could believe he has been doing it since day one, not that he was just a chef turned rapper after an injury took him out of the kitchen.

Action cooked up another classic with legendary producer The Alchemist. The Alchemist again captured that grimy New York sound to complement a true New York emcee in Bronson, who lyrically glides as The Alchemist expertly lays down samples.

“Rare Chandeliers” further adds to the character Action Bronson. At times, coming off as a crooked character from a ’70s exploitation film, Bronson discusses matters ranging from stashing drugs inside of dogs to being on “Maury” with his woman.

Creating characters was a tactic popular with artists such as the members of the Wu-Tang Clan. It gives an artist like Bronson the freedom to take his listeners to every corner of his imagination without having to attach the conception of reality to his rhymes.

The Alchemist’s flawless production lets Bronson do what he does best; get ignorant in a cypher-like manner where he can just spit bar after bar. And of course Bronson keeps good company on, “Rare Chandeliers,” with features from Roc Marciano, Evidence, Styles P, Sean Price and Schoolboy Q.

The anthem of the mix tape is, “The Symbol,” where Bronson gets his Prince on and wants just to be known as a symbol.

With a feature from Sean Price on, “Blood of the Goat,” Bronson showed a side of his skills that prove he would be able to go line for line with the best emcees of any time period.

One of my favorite tracks off, “Rare Chandeliers,” is the collaboration with Evidence called, “B—— I Deserve You.” The closest thing to a love song you will ever hear from Bronson, the duo tells the rap game how they deserve to be in the position they are and they do not plan on going anywhere any time soon.