“Harry Potter” series is brought to life at SU with Quidditch

If you know about the book gone movie series “Harry Potter” then you probably know about the game of Quidditch, but are you aware that students play this whimsical game at Shippensburg University?

Players showed great enthusiasm in the field outside the hockey rink last Saturday afternoon during a small Quidditch game on campus as one teammate yelled “Run forest run!” to one of his fellow players to cheer him on during a play. The SU team played against Dickinson College.

Throughout the game players would take a water break and chat about Harry Potter, prompting the coach at one point to shout, “Everybody back to their brooms!”

By the end of the game, a teammate asked what the score was, when another player replied “70-30,” 

“They won one game and we played two confetti matches,” said SU student Ali Laughman.

Props were set up relating to the Quidditch game in the “Harry Potter” story. They aligned three posts containing a vertical hoop on each side of the field with the middle pole being the tallest. Teammates placed a pole between their legs to get the feel of flying on a broomstick as they do in the Harry Potter Quidditch games.

The team consists of one keeper who guards the three hoops, two beaters who use dodgeballs to get other players out, and three chasers who score points with the dodgeballs. The primary sport equipment used in the game were dodgeballs. This real life Quidditch game was comparable to dodgeball, tag, and basketball.

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