Students bond, raise awareness over crafts

A Shippensburg University student paints on canvas during the SU Women’s Center event.

Students gathered in McFeely’s Café on Tuesday night to raise awareness and donate items for Distributing Dignity, as well as make a variety of crafts such as ornaments, paintings and sock snowmen. 

The Women’s Center at Shippensburg University sponsored the event in the hopes of raising awareness and receiving donations for Distributing Dignity, a women’s charity that has 70 partners across the United States, all of which are non-profit health facilities or shelters. 

Distributing Dignity collects new bras, pads and tampons for women in need. To participate in the event, Raiders brought new bras, boxes of pads or tampons and $3 donations. 

“The goal of this event was to spread awareness about Distributing Dignity and the need for feminine products,” said Chelsea Ksanznak, graduate assistant for SU’s Women’s Center.

Meghan Schiereck - Asst. Multimedia Editor
Students decorate crafts while enjoying refreshments as part of the Distributing Dignity campaign.

Snacks, drinks and cake were available for participants to munch on, pop music played on the stereo and there were several craft stations to try out. Students huddled together laughing as they crafted their sock snowmen. Participants could decorate their snowman with jewels and sequins or draw designs with markers. 

Attention shifted from crafts to animals when a dog and two kittens arrived from the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter. 

Students were excited and hurried over to hold one of the kittens. The dog made many new friends quickly, rolling over for belly rubs and climbing into student’s laps. 

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