Club fine, budget approved at Student Government meeting

Shippensburg University’s ice hockey club was fined $250 Sept. 21 by Student Government after it was discovered that the team had been hosting a FootballMania fundraiser. 

To participate in the fundraiser, students could buy sweepstakes game cards that contained the names of three random NFL teams. At the end of each week, each participant adds up the points scored by their teams, and may be eligible for prizes if the final score is high or low enough. 

Any student organization’s participation in an event such as FootballMania constitutes gambling under SU’s Swataney student handbook guidelines, and is subject to fines by Student Government. 

The motion to fine the ice hockey club $250 was approved by Treasurer Raven Francis at Thursday’s meeting. The club has two weeks to pay the fines, and is allowed to take the money from its budget if necessary. In response to their fine, the ice hockey club released the following statement:

“The ice hockey club was notified of the fine that Student Government has approved and handed down to the club. The club’s board members have met with Student Government and discussed the situation. While no club is ever happy with being fined, we understand there was a procedure/rule that was not met and are willing to accept the actions of Student Government. Following the rules set by SU is one of our top priorities and we will continue to make sure to do so, along with making sure something like this does not happen again. The ice hockey club has a great relationship with the university and Student Government and looks forward to building on that relationship in the future.”

At the same meeting, PRSSA was granted a $500 budget for the 2017–18 academic school year when the organization submitted its budget 30 weeks after the original Feb.17 deadline. 

Although PRSSA originally requested $1,450 for the entire year, the group was granted $500 because of a 2 percent reduction rate that is put into action each week that an organization’s proposal is late. 

Also at the meeting, Student Government swore in Class of 2021 representatives Meredith Scarr and Jonathan Benner. Student Government is looking for a Class of 2020 representative, but all other positions are filled at this time. 

At Thursday’s Student Government meet- ing, Student Government will discuss a motion to formally change its name from “Student Senate” to “Student Government Association.” 

The meeting will be held at 4 p.m. in CUB Room 119. In an email sent to all SU students, Student Government President Madison Scarr encouraged everyone who has an opinion about the name change or would like to hear further discussion on the topic to attend Thursday’s meeting. 

The statement from the ice hockey club was not released in time for The Slate’s print edition, but was able to be added to the web version of the article.  

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