White House Correspondent’s Dinner

The White House Correspondent’s Dinner is a longstanding tradition in Washington that brings the Press and the President together. In recent years, this dinner has become “more Hollywood” that involves a growing presence of A-list celebrities. The Dinner has transformed into a meeting of political and journalistic insiders that represent the establishment our country’s capital. After his shocking victory last November, it is no surprise that President Trump is skipping out on the annual White House Dinner.

Trump has had a tumultuous relationship with the media this past election year. After clear evidence of the main stream media colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign that was leaked from WikiLeaks, President Trump has every right to return the negative attitudes towards the media. This past election was one of unprecedented and open support for one political party over the other.

If we mix together the media’s overtly negative coverage towards President Trump, the annual display of insider excess that exists in Washington, D.C. the White House Correspondent’s Dinner is the exact opposite of what Donald Trump campaigned for. Trump ran on a ticket to “drain the swamp” and to return the country’s political power back to the common citizen. By refuting this Dinner, Donald Trump is maintaining his outsider status and his ability to not be held hostage by annual Washington traditions. 

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