Swimming takes on Bison Invite


Freshman Jeff Beyer led the men with a Top-2 finish in the 1,650-yard freestyle.

Shippensburg University swimming wrapped up its regular season Saturday capping it off at Bucknell University.

The SU men’s team had 14 Top-10 finishes and seven Top-5 swimmers on the day.

Freshman Jeff Beyer led the way for the Raiders, grabbing a second-place finish in the 1,650-yard freestyle. The race turned out to be SU’s best event, as Quinton Beck and Evan Anthony finished fourth and fifth, respectively, as well. Both Beyer and Beck’s times were Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) qualifiers.

SU freshman Nick Bloom captured a fourth-place finish and three PSAC qualifying times. Bloom’s times in the 200-yard butterfly and 400-yard individual medley were both good enough to qualify for PSACs despite Bloom competing in them for the first time. Bloom and fellow Raider Kristian Voulopos both finished with Top-5 times in the 100-yard backstroke, finishing just .02 seconds apart.

Among six universities, the women of SU had 10 Top-10 finishers.

Freshman Gabriella Johnson was the star of the show for the Raiders, breaking into the Top 10 in SU’s history books with her time of 1:07.58 in the 100-yard breaststroke. Johnson’s finish in the breaststroke was good enough for third place at the Bison Invitational. She also clocked her second PSAC qualifying performance of the day with her fourth-place finish in the 200-yard breaststroke.

Two Raiders placed in the Top 10 in the 200-yard backstroke, which earned them PSAC qualifying times. Carly Alvarado snatched fourth place, and MacKenna Angert grabbed eighth place in the event. Angert and Alvarado were a tough duo, with Angert securing a Top-5 finish in the 1,650-yard freestyle and Alvarado finishing sixth. Both swimmers registered two PSAC finishes on the day.

Photo by Bill Smith / The Slate

Gabriella Johnson made SU history in the breaststroke event.

Photo by Bill Smith / The Slate

SU swimmer Carly Alvarado put on a show for the Raiders, capturing multiple Top-10 finishes.

Sophomore Sidney Owens put on a great performance, finishing with PSAC-qualifying marks in all of her events. Owens had one sixth-place finish on the day.

SU’s finish at the Bison Invitational will kick off the post season for the Raiders. All season, Shippensburg swimmers racked up PSAC qualifiers to have a chance to compete against some of the best swimmers in the state. PSAC Championships will be held in York, Pennsylvania, this year, Feb. 16–19. Both the men and women will send their top swimmers to represent SU.

Men’s Results

50 Free

4. Evan Smith 22.65 (PSAC)

Chandler Johnson 26.40

100 Free

7. Kristian Voulopos 48.58 (PSAC)

Shaun Smith 50.26

Tyler Clisham 50.39

200 Free

8. Kristian Voulopos 1:49.32 (PSAC)

Jeff Beyer 1:49.79 (PSAC)

Shaun Smith 1:53.72

Evan Anthony 2:00.22

500 Free

5. Jeff Beyer 4:50.27 (PSAC)

Evan Anthony 5:11.92

1650 Free

2. Jeff Beyer 16:53.36 (PSAC)

4. Quinton Beck 17:30.27 (PSAC)

5. Evan Anthony 18:11.20

100 Back

4. Nick Bloom 55.96 (PSAC)

5. Kristian Voulopos 55.98 (PSAC)

8. Evan Smith 57.32

Alex Gallagher 1:00.60

200 Back

5. Tyler Clisham 2:11.83

7. Alex Gallagher 2:17.71

100 Breast

Evan Smith 1:04.69

200 Breast

5. Quinton Beck 2:20.48

100 Fly

Shane Kaliszewski 56.23

Tyler Clisham 57.15

Alex Gallagher 1:00.27

Chandler Johnson 1:01.42

200 Fly

Nick Bloom 2:05.35 (PSAC)

Shane Kaliszewski 2:11.96

Chandler Johnson 2:13.77

200 IM

Shaun Smith 2:05.72

Quinton Beck 2:08.96

400 IM

Nick Bloom 4:27.53 (PSAC)

200 Free Relay

6. Evan Smith, Kristian Voulopos, Nick Bloom, Tyler Clisham 1:30.71

Women’s Results

50 Free

Erin Fife 26.09

Sarah Strause 27.83

Kadie Weaver 27.94

Nicole Smith 28.00

100 Free

Jeanette Welch 57.21

Nollaig Noll 57.44

Grace Tothero 57.45

Kadie Weaver 58.56

Felicia Chopyak 59.27

Nicole Smith 1:00.22

200 Free

Gabriella Johnson 2:03.64

Jeanette Welch 2:07.07

Felicia Chopyak 2:13.27

500 Free

8. Stephanie O'Toole 5:19.68 (PSAC)

Carly Alvarado 5:30.82

Jeanette Welch 5:34.34

Felicia Chopyak 5:49.46

1650 Free

5. MacKenna Angert 18:45.84 (PSAC)

6. Carly Alvarado 19:12.80 (PSAC)

100 Back

MacKenna Angert 1:03.16

Rhyan Rodriguez 1:05.03

McKenzie Johnson 1:06.84

200 Back

4. Carly Alvarado 2:12.80 (PSAC)

8. MacKenna Angert 2:16.41 (PSAC)

Lauren Ellis 2:17.02

Rhyan Rodriguez 2:24.04

McKenzie Johnson 2:26.34

100 Breast

3. Gabriella Johnson 1:07.58 (PSAC)

Nicole Martorella 1:13.17

Sarah Strause 1:13.91

200 Breast

4. Gabriella Johnson 2:28.63 (PSAC)

8. Grace Tothero 2:34.00 (PSAC)

Nicole Martorella 2:41.18

Sarah Strause 2:41.56

100 Fly

Erin Fife 1:01.40 (PSAC)

Sidney Owens 1:01.68 (PSAC)

Lauren Ellis 1:02.56

Rhyan Rodriguez 1:03.58

Nollaig Noll 1:05.68

Nicole Smith 1:05.73

Kadie Weaver 1:08.69

200 Fly

7. Lauren Ellis 2:25.66

200 IM

Sidney Owens 2:14.76 (PSAC)

Erin Fife 2:20.73

Nollaig Noll 2:21.37

Kaytee Garcia 2:29.03

Nicole Martorella 2:30.90

400 IM

6. Sidney Owens 4:48.83 (PSAC)

7. Grace Tothero 4:56.09 (PSAC)

200 Free Relay

Gabriella Johnson, MacKenna Angert, Jeanette Welch, Lauren Ellis 1:43.42

Kadie Weaver, Sarah Strause, Nicole Smith, McKenzie Johnson 1:51.54

200 Medley Relay

Carly Alvarado, Gabriella Johnson, Rhyan Rodriguez, MacKenna Angert 1:53.62

Lauren Ellis, Nicole Martorella, Erin Fife, Jeanette Welch 1:57.81

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