Review: 'The Blacklist’

After months of pondering whether or not “The Blacklist” was worth watching, I finally caved in and cannot believe I waited so long to give this show a try. It is absolutely amazing. Even though I heard great things about it, I was still skeptical when I first started the show. However, after watching three straight episodes and staying up until 3 a.m., I can officially say I am addicted.

“The Blacklist” has one of the most exciting pilot episodes I have ever seen. The show wastes no time taking off and setting up the plot. Within minutes of the pilot, Raymond Reddington (who is on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list) walks into the FBI building in Washington D.C. and surrenders himself. He offers to provide information about criminals and their plans before they happen on the conditions that he speaks only to Elizabeth Keen and is granted immunity.

I was very uncertain about James Spader’s role in the show when I began watching “The Blacklist”. The only other show I had seen him in was The Office and I think we were all a little sore at him for trying to replace Steve Carell’s lovable character. After one episode I was hooked on Spader’s character, Reddington. Reddington is a different kind of criminal; in a word, I would call him classy. He acts and dresses like a gentleman but seems to know everything going on within the FBI as well as every criminals’ next move.

Megan Boone plays the clever Elizabeth Keen, who has the FBI at her front door as she is leaving for her first day on the job. She believes Reddington has a connection with her and her background though she has never met him before, but Spader’s character has her endlessly guessing. Boone is an impressive actress in the show, introducing an experienced and curious character for the audience to root for.

The fun thing about this show is that you think it will be predictable and that you know who the criminal is but I always wind up being surprised in every episode. Expect a lot of shockers, violence and some humor. I love the sly comments Spader provides throughout the show, delivering a lighter atmosphere to some of the more serious situations presented.

“The Blacklist” is incredibly exciting and suspenseful, and will have you at the edge of your seat in every episode. Season one is available on Netflix with season two returning for its spring premiere after the Super Bowl.

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