The most positive you: Eight ways to boost your positivity


1. 7 Hours of Sleep or Bust!

On your journey to be your best self, set a strict sleeping schedule for yourself. Studies done by the National Center on Sleep Disorders have shown that getting a good night’s rest helps you perform better on tests, stay actively engaged in verbal communication and think positively instead of negatively.

2. Take Breaks!

Successful college students are not those who work tirelessly to get through their to-do lists. They are those who know when to take a break. Go grab some coffee. Read a chapter of your book. Do something for yourself! You will find it is so much easier to jump back into your work after a quick 15-minute deterrent.

3. Do Something Spontaneous

It goes without saying that college life can get pretty monotonous. Make it your mission to do something spontaneous every day. Surprise a friend with peach smoothies. Go for a hike. Study in a new place. Try something different at the dining hall. Changing up your routine keeps your mind refreshed and your routine exciting.

4. See the Dots

Everything happens for a reason. You are where you need to be right now. Bad situations often teach us something that helps us become the best versions of ourselves, and new opportunities arise from seemingly nowhere. Turn every situation into an opportunity to grow, and remember that you cannot connect the dots looking forward, only backward.

5. Energize Your Day!

According to, exercising regularly, if not daily, is conducive to a lot of positive energy. Going for a run or hitting the gym with some friends releases endorphins in your brain, the chemicals responsible for that “good feeling” when you finish exercising. Nothing screams positivity like a healthy mind and body!

6. Create an “Achievement” List

Nearly halfway through the semester, everything is in full swing, and you will find your activities piling up. Organize everything you need to do into a list. But instead of titling it your “to-do” list, label it as your “Achievement List.” Put a dash through each task as you complete it, but remember to look at every strike as an achievement, not “one less thing.” Sometimes it is important to pause and look back at everything you have accomplished. You might have a million more things to do, but take pride in the million things you’ve already done.

7. Googly Eyes… Everywhere…

Sometimes the smallest things truly have the biggest impact on your attitude and positivity. Put googly eyes on the back of your cell phone. Liven your desk with colorful decorations. Create your own artsy binder covers. Decorate a bookmark. Cover your game consoles in stickers. Making the small things exciting will work wonders in making the big things even better.

8. Spread the #Positivity!

Share the joy you have with life. Social media are excellent outlets to inspire others with your newfound positivity. Share pictures of the things you enjoy — big or small. Challenge your friends to do the same. Post one thing that motivates you every day, or share one thing you are thankful for. Slowly but surely, you will inspire others to be their best selves.

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