STARS to host its first fundraiser

Every morning at 11, tour guides walk enthusiastically across SU’s campus, prospective students and their families in tow.

Student Tour guide Admissions Representative at Shippensburg (STARS) consists of about 30 students, who provide daily tours of SU’s campus. On Sept. 22, STARS will hold its first fundraiser at Pizza Man.

According to Angie Mason, Treasurer of STARS, the goal is to raise around $500.

The funds will go towards supplies for charity events and a fall group outing.

“Our tour guides do so much, we want to give them a good end of the year incentive,” Mason said.
The student tour guides play an important role in SU’s recruitment process.

“We’re important because we show off Shippensburg,” said Vice President Tyler Williams, “we show off the good highlights and bring in people that love the place.”

According to secretary Nicole Simensky, another group goal is “to get students excited about going to ship and to find their home for the next four years.”

One of the challenges guides face is answering negative questions.
According to Mason, it is important to address the question, but with a positive spin.

Mason recalled a time when she was asked about the rainy and cold weather that occasionally plagues Shippensburg.

She combated the negativity by bringing up Resident Hall Association’s (RHA) shuttle bus service.

When challenged on the safety of SU’s campus, Mason says she brings up campus police’s 24-hour team.

In addition to positivity, another important thing to keep in mind while giving tours is open mindedness, according to Williams.

“There’s going to be [bystanding SU students] shouting inappropriate things. So you have to keep an open mind and be ready to change the subject,” Williams said.

The STARS fundraiser will take place from 5p.m. until 10 p.m. at Pizza Man, located at 201 North Seneca St., off of North Earl Street.

Pizza Man has agreed to donate 10 percent of its sales that evening to STARS.

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