Raider Runway: Marina Barnett stays classy


Freshman Marina Barnett, a communication/journalism major at Shippensburg University, believes in dressing to reflect her personality. She dresses to express how she is organized but fun.

“My inspiration is classy and girly but with a little bit of edge,” Barnett said.

“I like to watch fashion police and see what’s trending as well as looking at what characters wear from different shows and piece different items together.”

As it transitions from winter to spring, her wardrobe will be doing the same.

While she wears mostly black and other darker colors during the winter, she will be transitioning to light colors as spring rolls around.

“As it comes into summer and spring I like to wear brighter colors and lighter fabrics,” Barnett said.

But when it rolls back around to fall, she has a different look then as well.

“In the fall I like to wear more orange and red, the deeper colors.”
While she wears items of clothing as statement pieces, such as necklaces and scarves, she uses tights and socks for more practical uses.

“My socks always match my outfit, but tights I usually just wear because I’m cold. I don’t have a lot of printed tights. They’re usually plain, like black,” Barnett said.

But just like many others, she also has her favorite pieces of clothing. Boots are an everyday item.

She is unsure what her exact attraction is to them, but nonetheless, she wears boots often and loves them.

She also loves plain shirts, as that gives her a way to spice up her outfit with a scarf or necklace.

She believes in letting your style reflect who you are and encourages others to do the same.

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