The Olympics are upon us; what competition will you be watching this year?


The Olympics have such a variety of events that every viewer can find something to watch on any day.

With the 2014 Olympics just beginning, a lot of different competitions will be going on and some will get more attention than others.

Some of the sports many people do not know exist, but when they are discovered they become a personal favorite.

Ryan, Bryan and Cale tell which events they will be watching this year.

Personally, I am excited to watch the snowboarding competition.

Being a novice snowboarder myself I like to see what the men and women bring to the table.

The big air and crazy tricks just grab my attention and I can never get enough of it.

Another event that I will make sure to tune into is the bobsledding competition.
Watching those teams race upwards of 90 mph is simply amazing.

All of the Olympic athletes are interesting to watch because they are the best at the sport they compete in. They all train for years with the hope of coming home with an Olympic gold medal.

The Olympics are an exciting time for many sports fans because of the wide range of sports that are covered.

You have everything from cross-country skiing to curling.

There is a little something for every fan at the Olympics.

I definitely enjoy watching all of the events that are a part of the Winter Olympics, but there is something more interesting happening outside of just watching the best athletes compete.

The added variable is if Sochi will be able to hold for the entire stretch of time the athletes will be there.

Apparently officials had to bring snow into Sochi because it is a beach town, and in my opinion, probably the only part of Russia not covered in snow.

Reporters were also reporting that they did not have any running water in their hotel rooms and that there are stray dogs having to be removed from the town along with big security risks surrounding the event.

So when I watch this year’s Winter Olympics not only will I be watching all the worldclass athletes, I will also be watching to see if everything goes off without any issues.

Personally, I am not much of a fan of the Olympics, but I do enjoy the men’s Olympic hockey.
These teams are competitive and mostly comprised of NHL stars that suit up for their home nation and try to bring home a medal.

When athletes are playing with pride and for their country, it produces an entertaining performance that is amazing to watch.

Hockey players are gritty enough — imagine when they are playing for their home nations.

Twelve nations will compete in group play that helps determine seeding for the later rounds of the tournament. There are some usual favorites, such as Team Canada and Team USA, each of which is completely made up of NHL players.

However, teams such as Sweden, Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic will be competitive in this tournament, so it is best not to count anyone out.

The games will begin Wednesday, Feb. 12, and will conclude with the gold medal game on Sunday, Feb. 23.

I hope Team USA can bring home the gold, and provide an exciting, entertaining brand of hockey for the Olympic audience.

Whichever Olympic event you watch this year it is going to be fun to watch because the athletes are all top notch.

The Olympics are a special time for viewers around the world and they are great to watch.

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