Kauffman Gallery features Penn State student's art


On Oct. 30 a new exhibit opened in the Kauffman Gallery in Huber Art Center.

The exhibit features artwork by 18 Penn State University master of fine arts students. The exhibit is called “Delivering the Goods.” For the exhibit, the students had to follow the restrictions of the “If it fits, it ships” slogan and guidelines of the U.S. Postal Service.

The students said that they enjoyed the challenge because it required them to think about how the package size limits and the 70-pound weight limit would impact the pieces they could prepare for the exhibit.

Students Evan West, Steven Reid, Sarah Swist, Kevin Mercer and art department chairperson Graeme Sullivan came to the opening to speak about the artwork in the show.

West’s piece is an installation titled “Rain Out.” The term rain out means either the cancellation of a sports event or a nuclear fall out. West’s piece has symbols that represent both definitions of the terms and brings them together.

Reid’s work is titled “Split Decision.” This piece includes models of logs abstracted as wall decals, wood, gold and acrylic mirror. Steven said that he tried to show that “making fire wood is more than the act of taking a tree.”

Swist submitted a few pieces in the exhibit. All of her artwork involved the use of insects. Her first piece is titled “1918.” It was created by the removal of butterflies from specimen boxes that dated back to 1918. Her second exhibit is titled “Hard to Swallow.” For this piece she took gelatin capsules and put flies in them. “ People have no problem taking medicine, but what if people see what’s inside it?” Swist said.

Mercer’s submission is a sculptural piece that is titled “Repulsion Vessel.” This piece includes a vessel that he made which, along with other hardware and paint, includes his own wisdom teeth. Mercer usually works two-dimensionally but said that he has recently become more involved with three-dimensional art work.

The other artwork by students who were unable to attend the event includes mixed media. All of the artwork is very intriguing and the idea behind this gallery exhibition is unique. Personally seeing the installation of the pieces left me with the impression that the artists put great thought into the entire exhibition.

This exhibit will be on display until Nov. 15.

A new student exhibit by Tara Myers will open on Nov. 4 in the Brindle Gallery in Huber Art Center. Myers said that in her artwork she seeks to “bring awareness of product consumption and the symbolism that can be found within these everyday products.” Her artwork in this exhibit focuses on phallicism and the application process of lipstick. This exhibit will be on display until Nov. 14.

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