PRSSA shows students how to dress to impress

What not to wear was a topic of discussion amongst students at the professional dress workshop. The event was held by the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) to teach students what attire is appropriate for a job interview.

About 45 students attended the workshop. Some PRSSA members even came in professional dress to show students the dos and don’ts of attire for hire.

PRSSA members suggested men wear dark, conservative colored suits such as navy blue or black.
A man’s shoes should be darker than the suit and socks should always be a dark color as well. Men are reminded to wear a shirt under a long-sleeve dress shirt.

Ties should always be worn with a suit. The tie should be a different color from the jacket and preferably made of silk.

Women should remember to limit the amount of jewelry they wear. Some helpful tips are one ring per hand and no more than two piercings per ear. Women should also try to wear darker colors and avoid pastels.

Outfits should never be too short or too revealing. Perfume should be avoided as it may be offensive to the interviewer. Nail polish should be a neutral color and not chipped.

Women should also remember that shoes should be closed toe and comfortable to wear and walk in.

The workshop also shared some basic tips for both men and women. In general, all facial piercings should be removed and tattoos should be concealed.

Hair should be kept neat and should never be wet. Also, jeans are never appropriate to wear for an interview. Dressing more formal than what may be expected is also acceptable.

Always make sure your professional outfit is wrinkle-free and properly ironed. For the interview, make sure to leave any gum and cell phones in the car.

“Professional dress is one of the most important aspects of obtaining and maintaining a career,” Maura Hanson said.

Hanson is an active member in PRSSA and helped organize the workshop. She wanted to help with the workshop because she believes that “dressing and acting professional in the workplace are the building blocks of a successful career.”

She hopes students remember the basics they were taught in the workshop. Hanson even created a saying to help her choose an outfit.

“When in doubt, don’t. If the outfit isn’t something you’d want your grandma to see you in, don’t wear it.”

The members of PRSSA hope the tips they provided to the attendees gave a better understanding of how to dress to impress. More information on dressing professional can be found in the Career Development Center section of SU’s website.

The center’s website also features a mock interview to help students practice an interview through a simulated situation.

PRSSA is hosting several more workshops this semester. The next workshop will be held on Oct. 8 in Rowland Hall 200 at 3:30 p.m. and will discuss the significance of internships.

Professor Holly Kalbach-Ott will be discussing the university procedures to complete a for-credit internship.

Students from each professional emphasis will also be sharing their experiences working at an internship. All communication/journalism students are encouraged to attend.

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