Faculty holding art exhibit in the Kauffman Gallery

The faculty of the Shippensburg University Art and Design Program will be holding an exhibit that will be opening in the Kauffman Gallery on Oct. 9.

Many of the faculty members will have their art displayed in the exhibit, including Michael Campbell, Steve Dolbin, Mark Moilanen, David Reinbold and Kate Keely.

Campbell has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Ohio University. He teaches drawing, painting and art ppreciation.

Campbell’s artwork uses various forms of media and techniques while making his work about “looking, seeing, making choices, layered meanings — whether literal or metaphor.”

“My hope is that the work reveals as much as it creates questions, and that the meanings and understanding we think we grasp, is as fluid as we believe it to be concrete,” Campbell said.
Dolbin has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Pratt University. Dolbin is a recognized sculpture, performance artist and art educator.

He is the chairperson of the art department, as well as a professor. He teaches sculpture, 3-D design and senior seminar.

For his artwork Dolbin uses materials that “fight back,” such as stone and metal. The content of his work deals with “spiritual dialogue humans once had with the physical landscape of our world and the more economic/resource oriented relationship that has come to dominate the present.”

Moilanen is the head of the art education/ K-12 teaching certification program as well as a professor for art appreciation. He earned his docorate at the University of Wisconsin Madison.
The art piece that Moilanen is displaying in this exhibit is titled “Nailin’ Miley.” The piece includes images of Miley Cyrus from a newborn baby until her performance at the MTV Music Video Awards in August 2013.

He says he is “aware that the piece will likely include an array of reactions from viewers” and he “hopes for dialogues — both personal and group — questioning just what it takes today to become a part of history.”

Reinbold earned his Master of Fine Arts degree at Southern Illinois University and he teaches Photoshop classes. He will include two art pieces that are digital graphics and one piece that is a traditional drawing.

His digital graphic images include traditional drawings and painting elements that have been scanned and composed into his artwork on Photoshop.

Reinbold said his “drawings are about light and air and the sensuality of the drawing hand moving across the paper.”

Keely teaches art history. Her artwork’s content uses personal experience and poetic myth while it also examines issues of the human condition.

Keely’s paintings “assert attributes such as strength, transition and renewal, while often exploring the themes of life, death and resurrection.”

Other faculty members who also will have artwork in the exhibit are Ben Culbertson, Courtney Redding and William Whiteley.

The exhibit will be on display until Oct. 24. The opening is at 6:30 p.m. and there will be a presentation at 7 p.m.

There will also be a student exhibit on display from Oct. 7 — Oct. 17. This student is Kathrine Hess. She is a senior and an Art education major. Her exhibit is composed of photography, showing the relationship of an object to the space around it.

She says she is “looking to express the interaction of humans with an environment and the impressions we leave behind.”

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