Student groups develop leadership skills


It is that time of year again. Every year the Shippensburg University Student Senate holds a training day for all student groups and student group leaders on campus.

The training is filled with a variety of skill building workshops, guest speakers and even a chance for all student leaders to meet fellow leaders from other organizations.

When group leaders entered the Multipurpose Room in the Ceddia Union Building they were asked to register, and were able to get lunch provided by the senate before the conference began.

Before the introduction of the keynote speaker, the trainees were shown a fun slideshow in order to make everyone comfortable, relaxed and to get the energy flowing.

Student Senate President Luke Perry introduced the keynote speaker Joe Urbanski of Collegiate Empowerment. Urbanski had a lot of fun tactics and ways to introduce the topic of leadership.

Although it was a lecture, he did not want them to feel like it was long and boring so he introduced numerous activities which required a lot of participation from the club presidents and treasurers.

The main topics of his speech were vision, belief and action, which means in order to go forth with a project you must first have a vision. You must believe in your vision. Then, you must put forth action to succeed in making your vision and belief come true.


The message held value to those who were in attendance at the conference because they were learning how to become better leaders within their student group organizations.

He challenged the student leaders to think about where they are now and where they would like to be in the next four years regardless of what year they are now. Once Urbanski finished, the leaders were split into several groups in which they participated in various workshops.

The workshops contained information on budget and finance, university guidelines and procedures and information on the Student Group and Activities Committee.

In all, the training day seemed to be a success and the students were able to learn new values and information they will be able to carry on, not only in their student groups, but also in their everyday lives.

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