Ravin Raider: Showtek


This set of Dutch DJs has been on top of the charts nonstop lately, producing constant “eargasm after eargasm.”

In just a few years, these two brothers, Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen have become the leading EDM artists in the Dutch music movement.

Showtek broke barriers when it released its debut album “Today is Tomorrow” in 2007.

Following the release the DJs’ credibility becoming evident after their BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix was aired globally, which resulted in fans demanding more from the artists.

After Showtek released its extremely anticipated second album “Analogue Players in a Digital World,”the team began mixing, as well as solidifying, tracks.

They added to their sound by adding trance and EDM nobles such as Tiësto for the track “Hell Yeah!” Also other groups including Hardwell, Justin Prime and Noisecontrollers joined in on the collaborations.

The team has also worked with R&B and pop singers Chris Brown and Jason Derulo.

All of these tracks were produced to build up Showtek’s showcase, titled “Crazy Collabs.”

Showtek’s goal was to connect and collaborate with DJs “from all area[s] of the EDM scene” and to “move away from narrow-mindedness.”

Sjoerd and Wouter gather inspiration from all around the world, which a good artist does, especially if they want to expand their style and grow from it.

Showtek tracks will make you jump and get your head stuck in “cloud nine,” because they are just that good.

Not surprisingly, I am in love with every track and collab Showtek has laid its hands on.
My favorites include “Cannonball” with Justin Prime, “Get Loose” with Noisecontrollers and “Hey,” its collab with the Bassjackers.

Showtek has surely made a name for themselves, not only in the EDM community but the music world entirely.

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