SU student's band rocks McFeely's

McFeely’s Lounge in the CUB filled up last Wednesday night to hear the musical stylings of At the Moment, a new acoustic trio consisting of Andrea Jones, Matt Walker and Tisen Shrawder, three Shippensburg University students with a mutual love of music.

The band performed a mix of original music and covers of famous and not-so-well-known songs for their audience.

The selection ranged from Michael Buble’s “Everything” to “This is Why We Fight” by the Decemberists.

Several original songs written by the band were also performed such as “Memo” and the as-of-yet instrumental piece “Downtrodden.”

Jones fronts the band as the lead singer and guitarist while Walker focuses on picking guitar and Shrawder sings lead male vocals and backing vocals. The band is considering adding a cajón, or box drum, to the lineup, which Shrawder will play. At the Moment has a somewhat loungy feel with Jones’ honest vocals and Walker’s picking.

Shrawder complements them with a more classically trained sound, the result of years in choirs and musicals.

Early in the show the band performed “Memo” after Jones shared the humorous story of the song’s origin.

According to Jones, Walker was messing around and playing his guitar while recording it on his iPhone. He decided to send the recording to Jones, which his phone had simply titled “Memo,” causing Jones no small amount of confusion before she started writing the lyrics.

Of the 12 songs performed by At the Moment, six of them were written by the band.

While “Memo” is the band’s personal favorite, “The Creeper Song” is their favorite to perform thanks to Shrawder’s pantomiming antics on stage. The song also blends the stories of the unrequited lover boy and the disinterested and mildly creeped out girl.

What makes the song unique is that both points of view are presented at once, rather than just the viewpoint of the lover boy or the viewpoint of the object of his affection.

At the Moment was formed just over two months ago when Shrawder approached Jones and Walker with the idea of forming a band for a class project. The three friends got together and began practicing and writing their own music.

At the Moment plans on sticking together once Shrawder’s class is finished and they will continue writing and performing during their years at Shippensburg University.

Their latest performance, titled “At the Moment, Acoustic Set 2.0,” was the band’s second show of their trio of shows.

While many of the people there were somehow connected to the band, by the show’s end several others had filtered into McFeely’s, drawn by the sounds they had heard.

“The show went way better than I expected it to,” Shrawder said after the band performed its last piece. “We didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse, but I was still really pleased with how it went.”

At the Moment’s next and final show of the spring 2013 semester, will be on May 1 at 9 p.m. in McFeely’s Lounge. While their set list has not been finalized, the band has dropped hints that they will be covering a song by Mumford and Sons.

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