Raider Runway: Spring fabrics and prints at SU


Laura Meyer is a senior in the class of 2013. She wears a denim top because it is versatile with every outfit.

One fashion trend that has been seen all over campus and in the most popular clothing stores is the denim button-up shirt. These denim blouses are perfect for almost any season of the year and are so easy to accessorize. Another trend that is spotted on campus recently is the mix of prints with pastels and bold colors.

College students find many different ways to wear denim button-ups regardless of the season.
Laura Meyer, a senior at Shippensburg University, said, “I love my denim top because I can dress it up or down. It’s one of my most versatile pieces of clothing and it matches with almost anything in my closet.”

The denim look started with jean jackets, and has been made into a lighter fashion for warmer seasons. Recently, the trend has been even more convenient with warm weather by introducing denim tank tops. Of course, studded collars are coming together with the denim look, to give your style a little twist.

Another SU student, sophomore Cailey Aubrey, commented on her own fashion sense and what she thinks many campus students are wearing.

“I think that prints are definitely one of my favorite things about fashion because they can be on any article of clothing, whether it’s scarves, pants, shirts, shoes or headbands. They really make the outfit stand out and prints can be bold or soft, colorful or plain, and definitely good for mixing with other trends like pastels and accessories.”

Prints are a fun trend that can be relaxed or used for business casual attire.

Now with the weather heating up, students have more clothing options and can express their fashion sense in a more vibrant and exciting way. From prints to pastels, to studded collars, one of these trends are bound to be in every young student’s closets.

Photo by Maura Hanson / The Slate

Cailey Aubrey is a sophomore. She mixes and matches prints because it makes the outfit stand out.

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