Fighting against domestic abuse

For one of my classes I recently had to attend court to hear sentencing proceedings.

The point of the trip was to learn how to write about the court system.

We all hear about people going to jail every day.

However, when you hear the judge say three to 23 months in confinement, and the police come out and take away the defendant in handcuffs, life becomes real.

While I packed my things to leave the court room it dawned on me that the people I saw standing in front of me today are not going home or to class; they are going to jail.

It was a serious reality check.

While I thought some of the sentences were fair, there were others that just aggravated me.

Long story short, and to not go into the details, there was an assault charge that that victim wanted dropped, and I was left confused.

It was a case of domestic violence and it made me sick. An innocent girl was beaten by her boyfriend, and he was given probation. If any man ever laid his hand on me it would be the last thing he would ever do.

I could not possibly begin to understand the fear that some women fear from their abusers.

Domestic abuse charges are far too common in this country, and are the most dropped in court.

Why is this?

Out of fear?

No woman should ever have to live in fear of her significant other.

Should that not be a red flag?

In this case the phrase “abuse is love,” does not apply.

I really hate to single out all men here, but I feel like when we think of domestic abuse, we think of a man beating a woman.

It is not fair but this is the mindset society has created.

These men just feed off power, they feed off control, and it is like they need to constantly have the upper hand to allow themselves to feel dominant.

Although they may think they are strong, they are weak.

They feed off women’s insecurities- — women who seem vulnerable.

Some people in society have created this idea that men hit women because “she must have done something to deserve it.”

Yeah, no.

This is such a broad statement that it just does not make sense.

Any man could interpret this from “she cheated on me,” to not liking the way she said “thank you” to the waiter who placed her food in front of her.

These men are not looking for a blatant reason to strike, they are just looking to strike.
Women need to start striking back.

So a guy may be twice your size, if you put a metal bat in your hand you could do some damage.
Men who hit women are pathetic.

They are nothing but low-life, disrespectful Neanderthals.

Something that is great here at Shippensburg is the Women’s Center.

Women, men, faculty and staff are all welcome to use the center’s resources at any time.

They deal with sex stereotyping, domestic abuse, sexual assault, self-defense and more.

There may be women on this campus who are dealing with domestic abuse and I want them to know that they do not have to go through it alone, and there are resources nearby to help.

I can almost guarantee that there are dozens of female students on this campus who would be willing to help or stick up for a fellow female student in the event she was being abused.

We need to stick together. There is strength in numbers.

It is time to start fighting back, and standing up for what is right.

If we wait to help, it could be too late for someone.

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