John Quiñones speaks to students


Quiñones talks to students backstage of the Luhrs Center to answer any questions students had.

Before his lecture at the Luhrs Performing Arts Center, John Quiñones, co-anchor of the ABC news program “Primetime,” held a small informal session on the backstage of Luhrs for students to hear him speak and have them ask questions.

For the first part of the half-hour session, Quiñones talked about his early life and his upbringing, talking about how he started as an intern at a radio station in Texas and made his way up to working for ABC.

For the second part of the session he took questions from the 15 students present.

The questions ranged from his favorite moments in the journalism field to the most bizarre places he has been.

A lot of experiences he talked about were out of country, from the civil wars in Central America in the ’80s to a part of the South Pole where there was a hole in the ozone layer, causing sheep to go blind.

Before the session was over, a student asked what advice he could give on life after graduation, in which he replied “Internships.” More importantly, “Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” Quiñones said.

Photo by Bill Smith / The Slate
Photo by Bill Smith / The Slate

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