Favorites From The Thought Shop

Favorite Number 1 & 2

I was so impressed with this jewelry from designer
Three Daughters of Eve. Not only are the colors eye-catching, but the pieces look
professionally made! These are only two examples, though. Three Daughters of
Eve has a large amount of merchandise at The Thought Shop.

Favorite #1
Favorite #2

Favorite Number 3 & 4

Founder of The Thought Shop, Sarah Taylor-Foltz creates
these completely adorable soaps and lotions called Soft Hippie, Calm Hippie and
Happy Hippie. The Lavender Patchouli scented products gave a pleasant aroma to
The Thought Shop. Their packaging alone is reason to buy – cute and artsy at the
same time.

Favorite #3
Favorite #4

Favorite Number 5 & 6
Fun With Needles is so clever and creative. Creator
of this brand Michelle Neal describes her products as “geeky cross stitch,
embroidery and more!” These two pieces in particular made an impression on
me. The stitching of Zach Galifianakis’s face is priceless and perfect for any fan of
“The Hangover” or his other films. I also loved “Perfect is Boring” because I think
it’s a simple but true statement. I might actually go back and buy this stitching for

Favorite #5
Favorite #6

Favorite Number 7
Purple Petunia by Valerie Frandsen Goates reminded me of
a tiny clay tea-cup set. This petite line of pottery is very well-crafted and would
make a perfect addition to any kitchen or living room. The wee little heart on
the second shelf made me smile and consider how such a small thing can be so
beautiful. These are great gift ideas to keep in mind!

Favorite #6

Photos by Paris Helman

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