Third time is the charm

Based on the true mission to rescue six Americans during the Iranian hostage crisis, “Argo” reveals the then-classified plan to get them out of the country.

Ben Affleck stars as Tony Mendez, the real-life Central Intelligence Agency exfiltration expert who created the mission to rescue the Americans in 1979.

After the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was seized by Iranian militants, approximately 60 Americans were taken hostage. However, six were able to flee the invaded building and took refuge in the Canadian ambassador’s home.

Back in the United States, Mendez and other officials at the Central Intelligence Agency are left scrambling for ideas to get the six back home. It is an idea from a very unlikely source that provides Mendez with the solution.

While watching a science fiction film with his son over the telephone, Mendez realizes that he and the six escapees could pretend to be a movie crew that is working on a motion picture in Tehran titled “Argo.”

Reaching out to Hollywood big-shots including renowned make-up artist John Chambers, Mendez was able to build his plan with a realistic film team that had a desire to shoot in foreign locations in Iran.

When he reaches Tehran he provides the six hostages with fictitious Canadian identities of the movie crew members that they must memorize so they can make it out safely.

As the story develops, the viewer is left to question if they will escape.

Although the end of the mission is known to those who have heard of the Iranian hostage crisis, the film still provides edge-of-your-seat suspense that will make you unsure if the six make it out alive.

Not only does Affleck star, he also serves as director and producer of the picture. Third time proves to be another charm for Affleck who has also directed award-nominated films including “Gone Baby Gone” and “The Town.”

The credits at the end of the film say that the real Tony Mendez was finally able to receive the Intelligence Star Award from the CIA in 1997 when the mission became declassified.
He currently lives in Maryland with his family. He and make-up artist John Chambers stayed friends until Chamber’s death in 2001.

If you love a movie that is a political thriller with non-stop suspense or are searching for possibly the next winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture, then make sure you are going to see “Argo.”

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