Getting an early start is beneficial

You know what I have a strong opinion about?

The fact that buildings on campus do not open before 7:30 a.m.

The other morning I had the motivation to get up, eat a good breakfast, print out my supplies for class and get to class a little early; but that was ended quickly.

As I walked onto campus at 7 a.m., the CUB was not open nor was the library.

Now, I understand 7 a.m. is early, but it is only one hour before the first classes of the day begin.
I could not get the breakfast I wanted in the CUB nor could I get it in Starbucks from the library. I could not print what I needed from the library either.

Now I understand that MCT never closes, which is great.And I also understand that I could have gone to Reisner for breakfast, but that was just not convenient for the time frame I had.

I know there are many other people, like myself, who would rather get up early before class and print out whatever they need or get started working on studying, etc.

But without the library, some kinds of studying are put to a halt and so is getting my morning latte.
Buildings should open at least an hour before classes start.

There are people who would take full advantage of those accomodations and, like myself, will feel a lot better knowing I would not have to print or get my coffee last second and run to class to make it on time.

Not only should the library and CUB open earlier, but the library should not close when it does either.

The library is a place for research, studying and using computers if needed.

Now, when I have three exams in one week and a house full of roommates and I choose to stay up into the late hours of the nights, where am I supposed to go?

The library should be open all the time.

This is something we pay for and many use to get work, studying and other school-related things done.

Who gets to choose when we have to leave the only books and quiet study areas we have on campus?

I do not think this is right at all.

I hate when things have time limits.

I pay to go here, to use the resources we have on campus, so I should not have a time limit that I need to leave these buildings.

MCT is great and I am glad it is open 24 hours a day, but it is not quiet, nor a study place like the library is.

I think people need to think about how much work the students here at Shippensburg University really have on our plates and realize that some people enjoy doing work in the morning, and others at night.

I understand that finding staff to work in the library all the time would be difficult, but it could be done.

All I ask is to think about how much stress and pressure is on us students on the time, and let the hours be more flexible.

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