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This is Part 4 of a series of information from the Financial Aid Office. Although this is an FA column, any and all billing, payment and refund of fees questions should be directed to the Student Accounts office located in Old Main Room 100 or by calling 717-477-1211’

The federal Satisfactory Academic Review policy underwent some revisions last year. One of the changes is that students are now reviewed at the end of every term (fall, spring and summer) instead of once a year.

Students who fail to make progress during a term are given an academic warning and must get themselves back into compliance by the end of the next term. If they do not, they are put on Financial Aid probation and cannot receive any additional aid unless they make a formal appeal and it is approved.

Depending on your grades from last spring or this past summer, you may have received an academic warning by the Financial Aid Office.

This means that your GPA or credits passed were lower than the required amount needed to be making satisfactory academic progress and we notified you of this issue via email at the completion of the spring (or summer) 2012 term.

You were informed at that time that you must bring your GPA up or successfully pass your fall classes in order to get aid for spring.

With mid-term grades now published, we wanted to be sure to remind any students on a Financial Aid academic warning to review your mid-term grade as soon as possible.

If you believe you may have issues passing any or all of your classes, please seek help from the instructor and/or the tutoring center to ensure that you pass your fall classes.

Failure to bring your GPA/credit hours up at the completion of fall will result in a loss of your federal aid for the spring. This includes, but is not limited to, federal loans including plus loans, grants and possibly scholarships.

If this would occur, you would only be eligible for aid if you made a formal appeal based on extenuating circumstances and that appeal was approved.

If your appeal was denied, your only resource for payment would be paying out of pocket or securing an alternative loan through a bank or credit union based on your credit.

If your fall GPA/credits increase and satisfy your deficit, you will remain eligible for aid and no other steps will be necessary.

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