Face-to-face communication is fading


In today’s modern era, technology has become such a wide-spread phenomenon that popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr seem to consume peoples’ lives.

Interaction over the Internet is becoming more and more habitual between the general public these days.

Within seconds, someone can post pictures, stories, statuses, updates and links to what they are doing at that very moment in time.

The fact that so much has evolved over the years is forcing people into a different realm of communication; a place that is genuinely non-existent in physical form.

The reality of it all is that, whether we like it or not, face-to-face communication is slowly becoming an old routine and deteriorating before our very eyes.

In some cases, people tend to create entire relationships simply based off of text chats, pictures and online messaging.

The core of all interaction is literally through the computer screen, removing genuine body language, tone and reaction from the equation.

In today’s society, this is fully acceptable and adhered to by many people using these online social networking sites, making it the norm for the country and everyone in it.

I think that face-to-face contact and communication is essential to creating lasting relationships between people because it allows for genuine bonding and understanding.

Most people, when faced with conflict, turn to Twitter or Facebook to vent about their problems and tell people how they are feeling.

This even occurs in relationships and forces people out of their comfort zones, not allowing them to face the problems at hand.

This, in turn, creates more conflict and drama with whatever is happening between both people participating.

It would be easier to just fix these minor problems by communicating orally and face to face.
I believe that people should start focusing on verbal communication rather than portraying their feelings online.

The best way to reach out to someone is by making a connection via eye contact, body language, tone and physical connection.

People would live such simpler and more fulfilling lives if they would simply just interact in person and avoid online, unnecessary drama and conflict.

This way, the Earth keeps spinning and people become better communicators.

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