Everyone deserves some privacy

If someone followed me around with a camera all day, they would get punched.

Paparazzi are something that bother me so much, and I am not even the person they are following.
Every day my Facebook and news sites are filled with new celebrity gossip.

Now, I enjoy hearing things about celebrities that are not useless, such as Ellen DeGeneres helping schools in need or main actors in their movie reviews.

But paparazzi take things too far.

From the horrible pictures of Lindsay Lohan drugged out to humilating the unclassy Paris Hilton for wearing no underwear, I am tired of seeing it all.

One of the events that has occurred that has really made me heated, was taking a picture of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, sunbathing topless on vacation in southern France.

Now, we all know how free France is about such things, so why would anyone feel the need to intrude on her privacy?

Privacy is a huge luxury we have in this country and we all deserve it. I know Middleton’s life is extremely popular and interesting to the world now, but let the woman breathe.

No one, and I mean no one, would be OK with sunbathing topless and finding it on an Italian magazine the next day, especially Middleton.

Celebrities get followed every day, everywhere they go and their lives are closely monitered.
Is this right?

Is our country so wrapped up in other people’s lives and business that we actually have people getting paid to photograph people when they are not looking?

I think everyone has thought about being a celebrity at least once.

The money, the fame, the luxuries and all the attention; sounds great does it not?
To me, it does not.

I would rather live in a pretty little apartment, food on my shelves, clothes on my back and a wonderful career that I love before I took on the pressures and stress of being a celebrity.

And honestly, I do not think many celebrities enjoy this attention.

Having Twitter and being able to follow anyone you want, I have learned that even they get annoyed. I follow Miley Cyrus on Twitter and she never has anything good to say about people watching and taking camoflauged pictures of her when she has no idea that they are even there.

And why would she?

I do not care about how much money one has, the luxuries one has or what kind of fame one carries around daily; everyone deserves privacy and the ability to get away for a moment.

Middleton has become royalty and that is a huge deal around the world.

But topless? Really?

She is a beautiful woman and most would agree, but she is still a human being who deserves respect.

It is not only females who deal with degrading pictures such as these, but let us face it, it occurs more often.

Women are caught on camera with a weird look on their face to be made fun of, caught having a wardrobe malfunction or worse, in less clothes than they thought would ever be exposed to the world.

Except, people are being paid to take these pictures so they will never stop.

Where are your morals people?

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