Do the country a favor and do not vote

or this presidential election, do yourself a favor and stay home.

Why not have a good drink and relax?

You deserve it.

After all, you have now broken yourself free from the mindless cult that is the ballot box.

Do you want a candidate who supports TARP, the stimulus packages, the auto bailouts, has more than $16 trillion of debt and is mindlessly ignoring the faults of the Federal Reserve system?

How about someone who is fundamentally supporting Wall Street bankers and frauds as they get showered in tainted money, has no genuine tax reform, and someone who supports the TSA crippling civil rights and is using sexual assault as a means of intimidation?

Or do you want a candidate who supports the Patriot Act, indefinite detention of American citizens, the assassination of mere suspects of terrorism without trial, refusing to close Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition and continued immoral military adventurism?

Lucky you.

It does not matter which candidate you choose; you are getting all of it.

I mean, Romney is probably a worse candidate than Obama, but who cares?

The excuse of “you have to vote for the lesser of two evils” does not cut it when both candidates are so astoundingly evil that their margin of difference is only cosmetic in nature.

Certainly, some may balk at the label of “evil” as extremist simply because our police force does not sexually assault women with rats as they do in Syria.

But, I should hope we as people who pay lip service to the ideas of liberty wish to hold ourselves to somewhat higher moral standards.

Do not bother with the people who implore you to vote third party, either. I mean, if it makes you feel better, by all means, go third party.

Ignore those who, when you speak of the evil of the two major candidates, tell you to vote third party so you “still have a voice.”

These are the same shallow fools who will not, two minutes later, tell you that voting third party is silly and is wasting your vote. These people are vapid fools who do not have a shred of critical thinking ability.

Ignore them.

And finally, laugh openly at those who snidely deride you with, “But if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.”

As the brilliant George Carlin so magnificently pointed out, it is actually the other way around.

You see, if someone votes for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, then they share in the blame of everything bad that happens.

By voting for a bad candidate, you caused all the problems. I, on the other hand, who will stay home and enjoy myself, am faultless, and have every right to complain about the bad things you caused.

A friend of mine coined a wonderful maxim: “As a presidential election draws nearer, critical thinking skills decline proportionally.”

How many people do you know complain about the problems of government, yet suddenly have their faith in the system religiously restored once it comes time to do the one meaningless and ceremonial act of participation?

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