Celebrity lifestyles not worth the headlines

The limousine pulls down Hollywood Boulevard.

The crowd grows as the car is forced to slow.

As the vehicle arrives at its destination, everyone stands, excited and anxious to see who has arrived.

The driver exits the vehicle, and with grace, walks to the backseat door where the guest of honor sits patiently waiting.

The door opens, and a beautiful woman steps out.

She wears black, patent leather pumps that clasp around the ankle.
Her slinky silver gown clings to her slender body.

Her hair has been curled into intricate waves, and her mega-watt smile is accentuated with the red lipstick she wears.

The flashes of cameras begin to explode as the guest of honor jumps out of the car to almost trot to the side of the woman.

The crowd explodes into a roar of cheers for the four-legged dog.

Sound ridiculous?

Well it is.

Hollywood is full of glitz and glam.

Or at least maybe it was. I just do not think that Twinkle Town is what it used to be. In fact, I think it has become a tad ridiculous.

Today, people are more interested in the events of a celebrity’s life than their own. Why?
I have spent less and less time caring about movies or television for the sole fact that I cannot stand it.

I do not care about who is dating who, I do not care who cheated on who, and I do not care about how Kanye West influenced Kim Kardashian’s new fragrance.

Reality television does nothing more than add fuel to the fire.

In fact, the people who appear on reality TV are not even celebrities.

They are famous from either consuming inhumane amounts of alcohol, being loud, and starting fights, or for being an obnoxious child named Honey Boo Boo.

Please do not get me started on that last one.

I could end up being wrapped in a lawsuit for libel.

I would just like to know what happened.

Where did society go wrong?

What happened to class? Today, I decided to go on People Magazine online.
Pets is a tab that can be clicked on to learn what celebrities are doing with their pets.
If you have not already, start shaking your head.

I understand that people say they follow celebrities for the excitement. The excitement of what, however?

Rather than living their own lives and making them exciting, people live vicariously through the life of someone who I guarantee they have never met.

I have always been a firm believer in creating your own fun in order to have the best fun.
Religiously following, let us say that Vanessa Hudgen’s life, will not benefit me at all.
So what is the point?

The last time that I was home on fall break, I spent a day at my grandmother’s house to have lunch with her.

While I was there I could not help but notice the enormous stack of tabloids accumulating on her coffee table.
“Ana, did you hear that Adele had her baby?” my grandmother asked.
“No I did not, actually.” I responded.
“Ana, you should really pay more attention to what is happening in the world,” my grandmother said.

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