Republicans establish platform at national convention

The 2012 Republican National Convention started in Tampa, Fla. on Monday, Aug. 27 and ended Thursday, Aug. 30.

The overall message of the convention was that the Republicans could move America toward a better future. Many of the speakers were concerned with how the president’s acts are going to affect future generations.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who spoke on Thursday evening, said, “The majority of Americans now doubt that their children will have a better life.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), said, “Our problem is not that he’s a bad person, our problem is that he is a bad president” and that “hope and change have become divide and conquer.”

The audience graciously applauded, agreeing with Rubio that Obama was causing the nation to fight with itself, most notably the poor against the rich.

The topics of government spending, job creation and healthcare were discussed at the convention.
On Wednesday night, Paul Ryan, Republican vice presidential candidate, spoke on these issues and how a Republican president will rectify the mistakes that were made during the last four years.

Many speakers concurred that President Obama spent too much time spending money that the country does not have and making changes to healthcare but not enough time creating jobs, which according to Ryan should have been his first priority.

Tom Stemberg, founder of Staples Inc., had numerous things to say about how great of a businessman Romney is and therefore could easily help create jobs rather than waste money.
Romney claimed that Obama had almost no experience in business stating that “jobs to him are about government.” It seemed important to many speakers, including Clint Eastwood, that the next president be a businessman to help cure the financial crisis.

Ryan and Jane Edmonds spoke of the lack of leadership during Obama’s time in office. Edmonds is the former Secretary of the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development.

Both speakers concurred that Mitt Romney would display better leadership than Obama has while in office. Romney would take charge of the financial and unemployment situations and do something about them.

Edmonds said that Romney shows unselfish leadership and that his main goal is to help people.
Many of the speakers at the convention also talked about their families and how Mitt Romney was a family man.

In between every important issue, Ryan would describe his family and how they have helped him make decisions in his life. He would start new subjects with “My grandmother always said…” or “My father taught me…”

Ann Romney, Mitt Romney’s wife, described how close he was to their kids. When he came home from work, he would not think about work again until the next morning.

He was also described as a “people person,” which was displayed when he walked through the crowd to get to the stage instead of coming from behind the stage.

Mitt Romney spent the majority of his speech talking about his father, growing up and his life with his wife and children.

While emotional at times, the audience seemed to enjoy the personal way the candidates spoke.
Near the end of his convention speech Mitt Romney spoke of a five-step plan that he has to help our country.

As the election draws closer Americans will look forward to learning more about him and how he plans to help the country.

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