SU community and students helping others in need

Shippensburg University has a lot to offer its students, but some aspects really stand out to the public.

Like many schools, clubs and organizations, raising money to help people in need is a top priority.
Not only does this look good by a school or organization, but it also feels really good to help out someone less fortunate than many.

Being someone who has lost multiple people in life because of cancer and other fatal diseases, the vast amount of fundraising and support from the community and students of SU makes me proud to say I attend here.

As every year, SU students held Relay for Life in the Student Rec Center on campus on Friday, April 20.

Relay for Life is a huge event to raise money for cancer and to support those who have lost loved ones from the horrible disease.

In the past, more than 600 students and others attended Relay for Life and the school raised $36,000 for battling cancers and for support organizations for cancer patients.
It feels so good to know that a great number of people showed up to support and walk for such a good cause.

This university really sticks together when it comes to a good cause.

Another group that was extremely helpful to those in need was the SU field hockey team.
Adding to their terrific 13-2 record, the field hockey team has donated more $1,000 to charity during its 2011 season.

In October, the team raised more than $600 for the LUNGevity foundation, wearing shirts that supported James Taylor, Kristina Taylor’s father, who passed away from lung cancer.
Getting a whole team together to support one cause is extremely beneficial to everyone doing it, and the family for those who are suffering.

Another organization that they have donated nearly $300 to is the Kay Yow foundation, supporting N.C. State women’s basketball coach, who passed away from breast cancer in 2009.
The supporters and organizers of such fundraisers and group organizations that raise the money to help people and give back to the community, are of high importance to the students at SU and the groups are all proud to say they love to help.

Being apart of a university that has such a tight community of supports is so great, but easily overlooked.

Take initiative and really look into different events here on campus that can get you involved; it is good for the soul.

This past Saturday, April 21, Chris Nelson and Carenna Neely hosted the annual Athlete Auction to raise money for Make- A- Wish Foundation.

Raising more $3,800, SU students bid on their favorite performing athletes and all money was greatly appreciated and donated to this cause.

The importance of getting involved in charity, group organizations and really joining together and being a part of the sports team you may be on, is crucial and really beneficial.

People who are not in groups or sports really look up to those who are and love to help out.
Sports teams on campus really act as families and when they all get together to form a fundraiser, it is great to know they are helping someone who needs the money and support more than we all do.

People over look charity very easily, saying they just do not have the money.
And being a college student, we are all broke, I know.
But sometimes it is not the money.

It is the time, dedication and support that really means something.
And sometimes, that money you may use to put gas in your car to drive to the mall or that is being used on things you do not need, can be used to benefit someone’s actual life.

These are things that should be thought about and at SU, students are not afraid to step up and donate their money and time to someone who really needs it.
This is a great school for many reasons.

The organizers of these fundraisers work really hard and donate their time and effort to maybe change someone’s life one day.

Think about this the next time you hear an event is being held on campus and get involved.
You will not regret it.

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