Huber Art Center hosts an art fashion show


Huber Art Center hosted its annual Art Fashion Show on Thursday, April 12 at 7 p.m.

The event allowed art majors at Shippensburg University to showcase their talents and model clothing they have creatively made for class.

The styles of clothing the art majors have constructed are made of abstract materials such as zippers and neckties.

Many creative ideas such as outfits made out of car parts, film negatives and plastic spoons were all worn by the designers themselves or by other art majors.

The time and dedication these students have put into this creative approach to making clothing from scratch is astonishing and deserves recognition.

After the fashion show, more of the clothing was shown in a display room in the Huber Art Center.
The room showcased more of the delicate pieces of clothing that a model could not fit into, or it would be detrimental to the art work if worn.

The types of clothing that showed delicacy were dresses made of newspapers, playing cards, extension cords and cassette tapes.

The audience walking around admiring the art work was taken aback by the dedication and creative abilities of the students.

During the fashion show, everyone in the audience was sharing applause, cheering for those they knew.

They applauded the styles they enjoyed and made all the designers feel very accomplished.

The Art Fashion Show had a great turn out and was a great experience to visualize the hard work of fellow students at Shippensburg.

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