Fountain to flow again soon


The fountain outside of Old Main has returned after its restoration in Alabama.

The fountain in front of Old Main, a popular symbol of Shippensburg University, has returned to its former glory after nearly three months of renovation in Alabama.

Kreilick Conservation LLC of Orland, Pa. teamed up with Robinson Iron of Alabama to complete the restoration of the fountain. The renovations began in January and cost $134,400 to restore the fountain to its original condition.

“The basin portion was completely demolished and the fountain re-built from the foundation up,” Bruce Herring, assistant director of planning and engineering, said.

The fountain was originally dedicated to SU as a gift from the class of 1896. Although the fountain has undergone regular upkeep since its original placement, it definitely needed renewal. According to Herring, the fountain was being painted yearly due to rusting and wearing, but trim pieces had begun falling off and the basin started to leak.

The goal of the renovation was to restore the original beauty of the 115-year-old fountain, which is one of the most photographed areas on SU’s campus. Herring said there was one renovation of the fountain in 1961, where the colors had changed from its original design.

Robinson Iron and Kreilick Conservation LLC used photos provided by the university for the restoration. The original photos were black and white, but Herring said that forensic work done on the fountain enabled restorers to get as close to the true colors as possible.

Light fixtures will also be installed in the fountain. It has been lighted in the past, but those removable lights fell into disrepair Herring said.

As part of the restoration and upgrade of the fountain, the university will replace the pump and tank for the fountain, which are located in Old Main’s basement. They are hoping to have a more modern ozone system that will help control algae. This part of the renovation will not take place until summer.

There will be a re-dedication ceremony for the restored fountain during Alumni Weekend in June, according to Herring.

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