SU concert band impresses student body

Shippensburg University’s Concert Band performed on April 1 at 3 p.m. in the H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center, conducted by Trever Famulare.

Famulare, the chair of the music department, has been conducting the concert band since 2001.
The concert began with a loud number called “American Fanfare” composed by Rick Kirby.

It was a great way to start off the concert as it really woke everyone up and set the stage for what was to be an extremely energetic performance.

The program featured, in total, nine songs composed by a variety of musicians.
Many of the pieces were upbeat because as Famulare said, “You can’t play sad songs in Disney World, they have to be more zippity doo dah.”

For this year’s trip, the band traveled and performed at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Fla. The jazz band joined them on the trip and performed as well.

A few of the most standout performances were “Abram’s Pursuit” composed by David R. Holsinger.
The piece was quick and lively with each section of the band getting its own moment to shine.
Another standout was “The Seal Lullaby” composed by Eric Whitacre.

What made this song so different was that it featured Jeong Ah Seo on the grand piano.
It had some beautiful long phrases that were effortlessly played.

I am sure the piece was a challenge, it was lyrical and smooth, which gave the song a nice flow.
I am sure if people had this recorded, it would be an easy song to fall asleep to.

“The Lullaby” was composed originally for an animated film that Disney was possibly going to make.

Well, the directors went in another direction and the lullaby was instead sung to Whitacre’s newborn son for some years until it was finally arranged into a concert band piece.

One of the final numbers was “Olympiada” composed by Samuel R. Hazo, this was written to capture glory and pain that goes into competing in the Olympic Games and tying them into a blend of historic Greek themes with modern ones.

This piece was well-performed just like all of the others, which greatly pleased the audience.
It ended the concert well and left the audience in high spirits.

The concert band had another well-played performance.
The amount of dedication and talent that the band displays is irrefutable for a school that does not have a music major.

For all of these students, playing their instrument is truly a pleasure and something that they will continue to do for years to come.

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