10 tips on how to stay safe on and off campus

Many students may not be aware of what they need to do in order to stay safe on and off campus. Because of this here is a list of tips to make sure students stay safe.

1. Make sure you lock your windows and doors to your apartment and car.
Many break-ins occur when intruders enter doors and windows that are left unlocked or opened.

2. Be aware of who you let into your hall.
Do not hold the door for anyone you do not know.
It may seem rude if you do not hold the door for someone who is trying to enter the building, but as a safety precaution, do not hold the door for strangers.
Every student has an identification card so they should be able to enter if they live there.

3. Do not walk alone after dark.
If you must, make sure the area is well lit.
Know your surroundings. You are more vulnerable if you are lost.

4. Use the campus escort service at night.
It is such a smart idea so do not be embarrassed.
Who would not want a free ride?

5. Take the time to save safety numbers in your cell phone.
Have a list of contacts of emergency numbers such as campus and state police, fire department, poison control and your credit card holders in case you need to cancel or freeze your card, before you lose your hard- earned cash.

6. Be aware of people who approach you asking for directions or the time of day.
Be cautious when approached by strangers. Remember your safety is always the first priority.
You do not need to be rude, but be aware of the person’s body language in case they invade your personal space.

7. If you are being followed: cross the street, scream, run to an occupied residence or store, or flag down a car.
You want to run into a public place and draw as much attention to yourself as you can.

8. Carry pepper spray or a whistle.
If you feel like you are in danger, pepper spray or a whistle can be helpful.
You can protect yourself and run away while drawing attention to yourself by making noise.

9. Always let someone know where you are going.
Make sure someone knows where you are and who you are going to be with.
Make sure that if you are walking home, you call someone to let them know that you are home safe.

10. Try to always use the buddy system.
Always walk with a friend or group of people that you know and trust.

By using these 10 tips, you can keep yourself and your friends safe.

Cytha D. Grissom, irector of public safety at Shippensburg University says, “You play a major role in your own safety. The police department needs your assistance in keeping you safe. We exist in order to provide you with the safest possible living and learning environment. We take our responsibility very seriously. We would like for you to take it just as seriously.”

If you see any suspicious activity, contact the campus police at (717) 477-1444, the Shippensburg police at (717) 532-7361 or dial 911.

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