New album released by Super Mash Bros

Full-time students and super group, Super Mash Bros, released their third album last Thursday, called “Miley High Club.”

The California college students have grown to be masters at the genre that is mash-up, which is the blending of two or more songs into a seamless track. It is something that needs to be listened to before judged.

Last year, I was doubtful until I went to a show.

It is your favorite playlist mashed up into a seamless album.

The closest thing in describing it would have to be “dance music on steroids.”

There are many people who mash-up their favorite tracks into a dance anthem hoping to get noticed, but Super Mash Bros have defined their sound with this album.

Of all the mash-up artists out there, they have been easily identifiable by their song choices.

They want to do one thing with each album —make you dance. Their live performances are no different.

They will take things a step further in their shows, mixing songs live, so that no two shows are the same.

They have taken things to another level with this album, that has entertained many already.

Their previous two can be a bit choppy and unsettling but with “Miley High Club,” they found a way to make it fit together perfectly.

“On That Lean (Pocket)” meshes The Killers, Fatboy Slim, Kanye West, Sleigh Bells and Soulja Boy all in about 45 seconds.

It works well. The last track requires a little bit of digging but is worth it. I will not spoil it for you but it is without a doubt their best ending. Queen would agree.

If you are on board, test it out. Any fan of music should take in a mash-up once in his or her lifetime.

They are creative, thoughtful and require a lot of patience to put together. Maybe you will end up dancing in the car on the way to school after you take a listen.

This is their best album to date.

It has been a long time since they have released some new material and “Miley High Club” delivers.
Not only is this a controversial genre of music, but it is fun to listen to if you’re into dance, club, rock or any of the above. It is worth a listen to and remember, it is free.

They do not want your money. They want you to listen.

And if you hate it, which you will not, just throw it in the recycle bin.

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