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Published: 04/19/2011

Technology has yet again surpassed success when the new college application on the iPhone and iPod Touch came into existence, creating a new way to gain knowledge about a college or university.

In just a matter of clicks, viewers now have the ability to check-in to certain college campuses to learn about what the college or university has to offer to its current and prospective students. However, this application has yet to be available for all colleges, and only a select few have this new opportunity.

Gettysburg College is one of the colleges that has the application. The application includes a college directory that holds information about the academic departments, athletics, student services, and much more.

The application also has a campus map and gives the viewer a virtual tour of what to expect on campus. There is a button available to locate where the viewer is on campus as well, allowing the student to be aware of his or her surroundings and not be lost.

There is also a feature where clicking different buildings will provide information about what is inside the building and what type of building it is. Not only is the viewer able to see pictures of the campus, but videos with different faculty members speaking about the school and different programs. These provide useful information for someone who may be interested in attending the school.

Justin Sowers, junior at Shippensburg University, has the new iPhone and has recently discovered the new application.

“I was searching through my iPhone 4 applications when I first bought it and stumbled upon the Gettysburg College application. I took a good look at it and thought it was interesting with all of the features and photos of the college. I became intrigued and since Shippensburg is a bigger and public university, it would be an extremely useful asset for the current students and the prospective students entering the school,” Sowers said.

This tool would be extremely beneficial to students of all schools, including SU, because it is also a useful way to advertise the school.

With the new application, students would have the opportunity to learn so much in a short amount of time about a college or university, and the application has the ability to make the viewer feel like they are physically on the campus.

“It would be a new, creative way for students to interact with the university and be informed with news in and around the town. Certain events on campus would also be advertised to the students, and it would also be a great way for more people to become more involved.”

“I really hope Shippensburg University will get the application soon,” said Sowers.

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