History of Valentine's Day

h yes, it is that time of year again, Valentine’s day.

There are so many mixed feelings for this holiday that seems so overrated.

Some people you talk to hate it with a passion, having such horrible memories of past years.
Others, usually the ones who have significant others, love Valentine’s Day, using it as a day of cute cards, flowers, candies and dinner dates between two people.

And there are some who really do not have an opinion, that say it is a cute day, but do not stress over it.

Where did all of our Valentine’s Day traditions and normality come from?

One of the popular stories of Valentine’s Day traces back to a priest named Saint Valentine of Rome, in the year 29 A.D.

At this time in our world, the ruler of the Roman Empire was Emperor Claudius II, and he was convinced that single men made better soldiers for his army then did those who were married with families.

With this assumption, Emperor Claudius II outlawed all marriages for young men in Rome, believing to attain a stronger army.

St. Valentine did not like this policy and continued to marry young men with their loving partners in secret, although if his practices were exposed, he would be sentenced to death.

St. Valentine tried to help imprisoned Christians escape jails in Rome.

Eventually, St. Valentine became imprisoned and fell in love with a young girl who often visited him in jail.

Directly before his sentence of death, he wrote to this girl he loved “From Your Valentine,” which is where our expression we use today, has originated.

I love to read stories like these and put them to practical use within the holidays.

Valentine’s Day is said to have been made worldwide because of Hallmark and candy companies around the world.

Couples have made a huge deal about Valentine’s Day for as long as it dates, and this makes the ones who do not enjoy the holiday, annoyed.

Coming from someone with a guy in her life, I can relate to those who think Valentine’s Day is a cute day.

I love to be creative and make crafts that have cheesy sayings and quotes on them. Picking out cards is another fun activity of mine and I love to see the smile on a person’s face when they receive my gifts.

Shippensburg University student Kaity Erickson said, “I love Valentine’s Day because it is the one day a year to show your love and appreciation for your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends and family. It is an overall feel-good day.”

Erickson presents an opinion that shows that Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, but for friends and families too, which makes it more special to her.

But a lot of people have different opinions.

SU student Marie Smith shared her opinion of Valentine’s Day, “I do not think it should even be a holiday. I think it is a sweet concept, but I am not worried about it. It is not a big deal.”

Many students think the same way as Smith and are annoyed with the hype of the holiday itself.

But instead of being so negative about Valentine’s Day and shunning any idea of it, choose to ignore it.

Although I enjoy the crafts and concept of giving and receiving a card from your “Valentine,” the fact that Valentine’s Day has accumulated to expensive gift giving and treating your significant other differently on this special day, is over the top.

Treating someone with care and a little extra love should happen every day in a relationship, not just on this holiday.

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